Sunday, 18 January 2015

Under The Weather

Dear Self,

Stop acting like the one who's always been hurt. Stop acting like every word of people around you was thrown solely just for you. Always remember that not everything is all about you. There comes a point where you will be hit by the words of people. Sometimes it's inevitable to think that, maybe, it's really meant for you. But, keep this in mind, people might utter the words that they don't really mean. When you hear something that hurts you, don't be paranoid to think that those words were intended just for you. As long as there's no exact mentioning of your name, it's not about you. Simple as that. Don't let every words affect your mood. Act as if you did not hear anything. 

Just remember these things:
Not everything is all about you.
Always choose your battles.

Don't let other people affect you. Don't invest even just the smallest portion of your brain into something that is not worth investing your time and effort. Don't create problems that wasn't even there. Okay? Simple as that. Smile and don't let them bother you. They're not worth it. :) Okay?