Saturday, 15 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 27: What's In Your Closet

I was down to my last three days of this blogging challenge. True enough that time flies real fast when you are having a good time.

So.....What's in my closet? Obviously, I have there variety of clothes. I have also there different bags. Some were I used when I was still in high school and some  were during college. There are also some that I bought just recently. I guess it's one of my guilty pleasures. Bags and wallets. Just like my mom. I don't know if it caught your attention, but, I have also there my Magic-8 Ball. I bought that together with two of my friends when we were yet in college. A lot of times when I don't like the answer, I kept on shaking it until I got the answer that I want. That's how it usually works for me. LOL. 
My clothes were arranged based on types. On the front-left side were all polo shirts, and on the left part were entirely shirts, which is my most preferred thing to wear. On the hind part, left part were all pants and on the right were some clothes that I wear occasionally, like blouses for a job interview, dresses that I wore on, our dedication and graduation day, and some sort of a cocktail dress that I wore when we had our event at school. My bags were all hanging there, including my belts, watches, (watches were given to me by my sister and my bestfriend in college), my coat and skirts and my favorite button-down top were also there. I have also there my "vanity kit" and the sash that was granted to us during our dedication day. I also have there a box, containing different things like, comb, note pad, a bible, mini notebooks and my passport. 

When you open the door of my closet (left part), there are some pictures during our dedication day, together with my parents and photo booth photos with my friends. And I also put there a small mirror, simply because I want to see my face everytime I opened it. Along the right door, I stuck there variety of things. I even have the corsage that I wore during our Graduation Day, a notepad, some tags from my clothes. I have also there my "One Week Paandar" post that I did last Holy Week, I challenged myself, not to check my Fb, Twitter and Instagram account for one week. Fortunately, I was able to do the challenge until the last day. If you saw that red and green thing below, it's a flower made by Elijah. It was made out of colored papers. It was given to me without any reason, just random stuff that he sometimes does. And I forget to mention that I have also there my New Year's Resolution for this year. I actually don't do that thing before because I know I won't be able to fulfill that. It was only last 2013 when I started doing it. I just got nothing to do, that's why I think of doing it. Also the "I made it" sign that I was holding during our graduation pictorial.

And that was the content of my closet. I really want my closet to be always organized because I detest it when I'm in a rush and wasn't able to find that specific thing that I need to bring. I as well find my closet as my own space, aside from my bed. It's the sole thing in our house that I can call my own, I was able to put there everything that I want to, like the photos that I have there (because no one dares to open it, except when my sister gets my umbrella). It's really my dream to have a walk-in closet that's why I want to have a house of my own. Because I want to keep all my belongings organized so that I can easily find them when I needed them, and simply because I don't desire to see my things not organized, it's really not appealing to my eyes, that's why I need a bigger space of my own. 

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