Saturday, 15 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 26: Your Hidden Talent

When God showered the gifts of talent, I think my umbrella was open widely, or maybe, I was in my deepest slumber. Which is why, I didn't catch any. Seriously. I don't want to brag about something I didn't have. 

I used to dance when I was in grade school. Because that time, they have no choice, we solely had one section every grade. And I was an active student back when I was in my elementary. And eventually, I have witnessed a true performance. And I feel embarrassed about myself. I supposed that I was best in dancing, but then I witnessed a true performance, I feel embarrassed and belittle myself. Like, seriously. So, ever since then, I realized that they only got no option, that's why they let me dance. Hahaha. Sorry. I know I should not belittle what I can do, but I can't help but share.

I can be a total performer, as long as nobody's watching. Or I am in the shower room. Yeah. 

My singing voice was also not acceptable by many. Only for myself. LOL. I knew it, because every time I am singing at the top of my lungs, my mother always tells me to stop. And she thinks that it's my way of having tantrums. But I'm used to that. That's why I have already stopped from that doing. 

I think my hidden talent is still hidden and not yet discovered. I'm still waiting for the right time that hopefully, I will be able to discover even one.

I really don't want to talk about something I am not sure of. I am not that confident talking about that things. I'm just going to leave it to other people to decide on what they see in me that they can consider as my talent. What if I say something which I considered as talent but others don't find it as one. It would only make myself shameful. 

Let's just say it's just my way of being humble. LOL

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