Thursday, 13 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 24: What Attracts You (In Love)

"Love is not a noun to be defined, but a verb to be acted upon."


Actually, I've never been in love before. I only have love for my family and for my friends. But to a certain individual, I have none. I was just in love with the idea of "in love", way back then. And, I came to a point that I profoundly understand the true meaning of love. And, eventually I realized that there's a huge difference between affection, infatuation and love. And what I thought was already "love" before, was actually just a form of affection and infatuation. Nothing is to be taken seriously.

Before, my idea of love was entirely focused on physical characteristics. But, as I grow older, I have understood the true meaning of love. People fall in love that easy, same way as they can fall out of love in the easiest way possible. One day they were too in love with one another, but the next day there were too much hateful feelings they have with one another. That's how love goes these days. People were just too in love with the idea of falling in love. Saying I Love You these days is just like saying the word "hi." They can say I love you to anyone, anytime but didn't mean it. 

That's why I don't believe that true love still exists nowadays. Today, it's barely an idea, but there's already no such thing. 

I have never been in love that's why I don't have any idea on what draws me towards love. But, here's my idea of what I think could attract me. Even before, I already said this, I want to meet someone who is exactly my opposite. I just want to prove that opposites really do attract. I want someone who has different interests than mine; someone who views life in a different perspective than mine. I want someone who will contradict me with the decision I make, and the things I say, but I know it's for my own betterment. Not just somebody who's going to agree with whatever I'm going to say just for me to feel good about myself, though there is something that needs to be improved. I want someone to be honest with me no matter how hard he thinks it is for me to handle the truth, not the one who will soothe me with lies. For me, "honesty is really the best policy." 

I want to meet someone who is really kind-hearted, not just the one who's kind because he is in front of many people. Person who is family-oriented, the one who is kind to his family. As they say, charity begins at home. And I believe that if he is kind to his family, he's going to treat other people appropriately. 

But, of course, physical features also matters to me. I don't want to play plastic here, so I will be honest and say that I want someone who is equally good looking as Ryan Guzman; as neat as how Liam Hemsworth looks. As swag as Zac Efron and Adam Levine. With a sense of humor like Lee Min Ho's role on his past series, The Heirs. And as mysterious as how Ian Somerhalder, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling looks. 

You can say that I really have high standards when it comes to love, because I really do. When I say love, I'm talking about long-terms and not simply for a short span of time. I want someone who's going to genuinely love me just as I am, not someone I will need to impress with everything that I do for everyday of my life. Which I doubt there's someone out there possesses that kind of qualities that I cited above. 

Just in case that there is somebody out there destined for me, I know, it's impossible that he possesses all of the qualities and characteristics that I have said. And I know, at the end, God does not give us the people we want, instead He gives us the people we need, for us to be a person He desires us to be. And I have read this somewhere, we don't get to choose who are we going to fall in love, because it is an emotion that we instantly feel and there's no way we can hold it back.

I already closed the possibility that there is someone out there destined for me, and as I've mentioned earlier, I don't believe that true love still exists nowadays. But, there's still a part of me that is open to the idea of meeting someone who will prove me wrong with what I strongly believed in. Just someone who will be able to make feel like Rihanna, like I'm the only girl in the world. 

So... Whoever that "someone" might be, let's just enjoy our own time and our own personal lives separately. So that when the right time comes and we will be meeting each other, we have so much  to talk and share about. But for now, let's just be happy being in our own different worlds. 

Nobody knows who that "someone" is and if there is really that "someone." 

But who knows, it might be you! 

Just kidding.............................

(I think this is the longest that I wrote here, so far. Inspired???? Naaahhhh)

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