Tuesday, 11 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 23: If I Won The Lottery....

If I ever won the lottery, I'm going to donate it to a charity. LOL. 

Honestly speaking, I don't think I'm going to win the lottery because I don't bet with any. 

But, just in case. (It depends on how much I'm going to win.) But, if ever I won a very huge amount, I'm not going to spend it right away. I will go to church and thank The Lord for giving me that amount. If I'm going to win it now, 75% will be given to my mother. I will let her decide whatever it is that she wanted to do with the money. Because, I know that she knows how to spend it better than me. 

Twenty-five percent, of course, will be mine. I'm going to save half of that 25%. And the other half, I'm going to buy everything that I'm dying to have. I'm going to buy the shoes that I actually wanna buy since forever. Instax mini will also be on my list. I will also buy the National Bookstore. Just kidding, but if I receive enough money, why not? And, if possible and I still have money, I'm going to travel to at least one of the countries listed on my bucket list. I'm going to have one memorable experience. I will make sure that it will be worth it. I'm going to escape for a little while. I want to be in a place where nobody knows me. I simply want to be alone, be with myself and enjoy, that's all. If possible, will proceed to one of my major goals, I'm going to buy a condo of my own.

I also want to buy house and lot for our family at one exclusive subdivision.And also, I'm going to buy a car and all the needed furnitures and appliances for our new house. The other half that I saved will be for my future expenses. 


That's all. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to win. So, help me God. 

Though it seems that what I'm going to do to with my winnings will only be for personal bliss, still, I'm going to make sure that I will do something good for other people who might be needing some help. I will not hesitate to lend some help for those needy, because, I know that it is not given to me just for me only, I know that God also wants me to share it to other people. 

***credits to: Pinterest, livelovesimple.com and WeHeartIt.com (to the sole owners of the photo that I used)***

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