Sunday, 9 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 21: What Makes You Sad

Psychologists say: If a person laughs too much, even at stupid things, he is lonely deep inside.

I have simple pleasures in life, the same way that I am too vulnerable. 

Sometimes I just feel lonely, but I know there's nothing to be sad about. I simply feel it. It's only self inflicted. And there's no way I can hold it, no matter how I try to convince myself to be happy.

Goodbye really makes me sad. I hate saying goodbye to someone so close to my heart. Even though it's not for good and I know that I'm going to see them after a year or more. I just hate the idea that somebody is going to leave. Where's the good in goodbye, after all? There's really a pinch in my heart when someone bids goodbye. 

Seeing my mother sad is just also one way of making me sad, knowing that she's not okay and something's bothering her. There are also times that she gets mad at me, that's also another way of making me sad, if we're not okay. 

Other things that get me sad were some inevitable frustrations and disappointments that I encountered throughout the way. And those were only temporary feelings. After hours of realizations I will be fine again and know that they happen for a purpose and it meant to teach me something.

As much as possible, I don't want to feel sad anymore. But I know it's part of life and I cannot refrain from it. So, when I feel sad, I just did something that will make me divert my attention to different things that would help me make feel better. 

It's okay to be sad sometimes. Life in general is not a bed of roses. How can we appreciate the sunlight if there's no rain. How can we appreciate happiness if we don't go through sadness. Life is a roller coaster ride, as what they say. You're happy now, but there's no guarantee that you will still be happy tomorrow. You're sad today, good thing, it doesn't last, life is a roller coaster ride, remember. Just take it from there, happiness does not last same way as loneliness. Just remember that tomorrow is another day, who knows, tomorrow might be your lucky day. 

That's the reality of life. If you are sad today, just think that there will be something good bound to happen. 

I just read this on twitter, and this is really applicable in real life, if you are sad today, just think if it would still matter 5 years from now?

***credits to: Pinterest, and @thegoodquote -Instagram***

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