Saturday, 8 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 20: What Makes Me Happy


I'm just a simple girl with just so simple pleasures. I can be happy at times even without reason. Seriously. There are times when I just felt totally happy, but I don't know the reason why. It just simply happens. And I'm so glad that I was able to experience that genuine kind of happiness. 

One of the simplest things that make me happy is when I'm with my family. When we ate  out together. Cause it just happens very rarely. A lot of times we're not complete. And we will never be complete, I guess, cause our father left us just over a year ago. Being with my family and sharing laughter with them makes me happy. Though I'm always a listener and rarely becomes a speaker. But just sharing the table with them is just a total happiness that I consider. 

I also feel happy when I am with my friends. When the four of us were complete. We were friends since we were in college and now that we have our own career paths, we seldom see each other. Because they are working now, they find it difficult to match their free schedules. A lot of times, their rest days don't match with one another. So, one has to make an alteration, if possible. The good thing is we still get time to see each other despite of their busy schedules. I am really enjoying their company. I can tease them in a way that I know they won't get hurt because they're used to being teased by me. There are also times that I can tell them what I truly felt towards some uneventful occurrence that I previously had. It's in them that I have the courage to tell some of my hidden thoughts. And I get this "sepanx" feeling every time we needed to go home after hours of chatting and catching up.

I also find happiness being alone. I just listen to different songs on my iPod. I am also talking to myself at times, laugh at my own jokes and say whatever I wanted to say, as long as I can see that nobody is looking at me, cause I know it's really not normal. 

I also find instant happiness when I am inside a bookstore, just wandering around there and checking if there are new arrivals of scrapbook accessories. Particularly when a good music is currently playing. 

But know what really makes me happy, it's having a good sleep and a good food for breakfast. That's truly one way of setting out my day right. 

When there is someone out there who tells me that my absence really do matters, I just really felt glad. At least, for once in a while, I can feel that I matter. I feel genuinely appreciated and it can really melt my heart.
But there's really instant happiness within me when I discover one quotation that I can totally relate. When I am feeling a little bit blue, but then I open my Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or We Heart It account, and there's this one quotation that really says a great deal about my current mood. Wow. It's like playing my favorite song on the radio by chance. You know that feeling when you wanted to say it out loud at the top of your lungs. Like......seriously. 

These are just simple things that would truly make me happy. And if you really want to make me happy, just a good company, a good food,  and an endless conversation with full of laughters,  it's really all in there.

But, it's really possible to be happy even when you don't know the reason why. You have to simply feel it cause it only happens sometimes. Maybe it's just a way of telling you that not all happiness strongly depends on someone or something, you scarcely have to feel it in you own heart. 

Sometimes, we really have to create our own sunshine and don't let any stupid things to steal our happiness. 

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