Friday, 7 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 19: My Favorite Movie

I'm just recently hooked up with watching movies. Before, it's really not my thing. Just because I'm too focused with my studies. (LOL)

Some movies became my favorite simply because of the actor. Like Step Up 4: Revolution and Step Up 5:All In, I liked it because of Ryan Guzman, but I should also give credit to the story, it was good also. It was just because of Ryan Guzman that made me like it even more. I also love Crazy, Stupid Love because it's really too funny. And I too love how their characters were connected with one another without them knowing it, until they were formally introduced with one another. 

But, Safe Haven is my most favorite of all Nicholas Spark's movie adaptations, and amongst all the films that I watched. Simply because of Josh Duhamel. That's it. I don't have to explain myself any further. LOL. Just kidding.

But seriously, it is one of a kind movie. I really love the plot twist. It was quite unexpected. It's not that too heavy drama, but it unquestionably has a deep story. And it ended well. 

I definitely love Cobie Smulders' character there, who played Jo, Alex's wife. I didn't get her character at first, I just know that there's something special with her. I really love that spin. I love how she didn't become selfish with the happiness of his husband. She tried her best to become friends with Katie (Julianne Hough), though Katie was too aloof with people. And through Katie's dream, Jo warned her that his husband was there. It only goes to show  how selfless she was that she became so supportive to the new found love of her husband. 

I truly love that story. It was absolutely amazing. It's just a complete package for me. Julianne Hough is just too pretty, Josh Duhamel is totally good looking man, the plot twist is really unexpected and one of a kind and the ending was really good. I'm actually a fan of happy endings. It's just too perfect. Two thumbs up, hats off and a 5-star rating.

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