Wednesday, 5 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 16: Thoughts On Education

Education is a continuous process. It doesn't mean that when you have graduated with a degree, you already know everything. Learning doesn't stop there. Because, as you enter the real world of your chosen career, you still have something that you must learn. And what you think you already know, soon enough you will find out that there's some changes or there's some additional information that you should nevertheless know. 

Even the most intelligent person in the world still needs to be educated once in a while. You cannot have it in an instance, the same way that you can not lose it as soon as you have it. 

Education is one of the most expensive things that no amount of money can buy, and nobody can ever steal away from you. It can bring you to different places that is far beyond your imagination and you can meet different kinds of people that is far beyond your expectation.

If you are literate, you have something in yourself that you can be proud of. You own some sort of self-satisfaction. Because that's one of the major goals of most individual, to hold a certain college degree. And when you already own it, you have something to be proud of. If you are educated, there are chances that you will never be fooled and taken for granted by anyone.

Though, there are some who were not educated, but nevertheless succeeded in their own career path. However, it's not an assurance that you can also have their luck. Just think of this, they have succeeded, though they were not educated, what more if they had the proper education that they should have. 

There are some who weren't able to go to school due to some personal problems. And there also some, that despite of all the adversities they are experiencing, they still manages to go to school and have a proper education. I think it's merely a matter of determination.  

Education is everything. No matter what status of your life may be, at the end of the day, you still need to go to school and be educated for you to be able to achieve your dreams and goals in life. 

As what one of the tagline in a TV commercial has to say, "lamang ang may alam." And I couldn't agree more. 

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