Saturday, 1 November 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 13: What's Inside Our Fridge

I'm telling you, there's nothing interesting about the content of our refrigerator. Like, seriously. However, I am required to tell it because that's what the topic is all about. 

Since we are running a mini sari-sari store, so the content of our fridge were mostly for selling items. Sodas, some liquors, bottled waters, ice pops and other processed foods, like tocino, longganisa, hotdogs and some raw meats. Sometimes there are chocolates, ice cream and cake, but that's only once in a blue moon. That's why I feel so lucky every time I opened it and saw some rare items like that. 

See, nothing interesting. Just only for the sake of this topic that I had to.

Bear with me with this one, I'm just going to make it up for the next topics, hopefully. 

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