Tuesday, 28 October 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8: 5 Current Goals

So while I'm here alone in the movie house, just finished watching The Best Of Me and waiting for its next replay because I didn't get to catch it from the beginning, while waiting I'm going to do the 8th day of this blogging challenge. Thus much for the intro that I know had nothing to do with the content of this writing. I simply wanted to share my whereabouts for today.

Goal. Something I would like to achieve within a year or more, a month, or a day from now. Or simply, something that I would wish to achieve in the near future. It may be a short term or long term. Well, that's entirely my personal definition of the word. 

Here's the list of my 5 current goals:

1. Planner

This is merely one of my short term goals. This will be accomplished in a short period of time only. One of my current goals is to finish my own personalized planner for the year 2015. I'm almost half way there and hopefully before this year ends, I will be able to have it bind and finish already. I planned to do it last year, but unfortunately I planned it too late and I know I will not be able to finish it before the year begins. So, this year I have done it earlier, and  I am so glad to tell that I am about to finish it already by this time.

2. Travel 

This one is a long-term goal for a person like me, since I don't hold any personal source of income, yet. It may be a local or an international destination, wherever, just as long as I'm going to experience the best time there. And hopefully I will be able to move around to other countries before my passport will be expired. So, before 2018, I need to get to at least one country aside from the Philippines. 

3. Hot Air Balloon

If you saw my recent post entitled 20 Facts About Me, witnessing hot air balloons flying high up in the air live is absolutely one of my greatest wish. And I even want to experience riding on one of them. Before I die, hopefully I will be able to experience it. So, help me God. This is really a must for me.

4. Condo

I truly want to have a place of my own. I know that owning a condo was  too luxurious, that's why I weighed this one also as a long-term goal. And hopefully I will be able to attain this goal. When the time comes that I'm starting to have my own source of income, having a condo will absolutely be on my top priority. But even if it's not a condo, it is actually my great desire to have a place of my own. Since I enjoy being alone (but I hate the feeling of being alone).

5. Contented

I don't want to play some sort of a hypocrite here, but, seriously, this is my absolute goal in life, just to be contented with whatever it is that I have. Whether I achieve all my goals or not, as long as I am contented, I'm all right with that. As long as, with all honesty, I can truly feel that there's contentment within me and I can proudly say to myself that I couldn't ask for more or have it in any other way. 

Personally, I have lots of things that I want to accomplish in my life, not only 5. Some were short term that only requires not that huge amount of money and effort, while the others were long term that will demand a lot of courage, determination and dedication to achieve it. And I know no matter how unattainable it may seem, as of this moment, in God's perfect timing, I'm going to own it. All I have to do is to keep my eyes on the prize. And exactly what the iconic star, Audrey Hepburn said, there's nothing impossible, the word itself says I'm possible.

***credits to WeHeartIt.com and to the owner of the photo, Pinterest and livelovesimple.com***

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