Friday, 24 October 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4: My Dream Job

What a funny topic it is for me. Like...seriously. 

When thinking about my dream job, I don't have any specific job title. But when thinking about it, the first place that actually popped into my mind, or my dream place of work would be at the airport. I just don't know why. But... Seriously. Possibly because, before I dreamt of becoming a flight stewardess. When I was in high school, the course I am planning to take was Tourism. It is truly one of my dreams to travel around the different countries of the world. And working as a flight stewardess, I think I will be one step closer towards achieving one of my dreams.

  But lately, even though I've already  accepted the fact that I am no longer close to being a flight stewardess, still, my desire to work at the airport was still there. I don't know why in the airport. Perhaps because I love hearing the sound of airplanes taking off. Or the sound of airplanes about to land. Overall, I want the ambiance at the airport. I really loved it when I went there, especially if we're about to fetch one member of our family. And on the contrary, I hate the feeling when we accompany them back to the airport because they're about to depart for their work.  I'm still not used to the feeling though I've been there a bunch of times. I just hate the idea of saying goodbye to someone. 

So that's my dream place of job with no specific job title. Bear with me on this one. Whatever work it is, as long as it's at the airport, and as long as I can manage it. So if you know one, just let me know. LOL. 

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