Thursday, 30 October 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10: Best Trip Of My Life

Looking back at the different places I have been, that made me feel nostalgic. That made me reminisce a lot, some places were memorable while some were I almost forgot that I got there. And through this topic, it made me think of all the trips that I had and made me again remember those that I almost forgot. 

Best trip? I am not yet that old, and I haven't been to a lot of places yet and I think it's still too early to tell, so, instead of saying "Best Trip Of My Life," I think it would be more appropriate if I say "Best Trip Of My Life, So Far" because I'm still looking forward to the time that I will be sitting on my rocking chair while reminiscing the past and I will then be able to tell the best trip that I had in my entire life.

All of the trips that I had was best. Especially if it's with my family or friends. Well, that's all I ever wanted. I just want to travel, be on different places and just enjoy without even noticing what time of the day it is already. And of all the trips that I had, our trip to Fort Santiago, Luneta Park and Quirino Grandstand was one of the best for me, so far. 

Together with one of my best friends, my super friend, we went there. That was our plan before we had our OJT, that we're going to Intramuros no matter what. And, so we did. It was Chinese New Year last 2012, when we got there. I considered it the best because during that time I didn't have to care about the time if it is already late and I need to go home.

That was the time when we had our OJT and we are already done with it and just waiting for some requirements to be accomplished. My best friend and I were under the same company, but just of different hotel, but we are living in the same place, that's why it's easy for us to fulfill our promise beforehand. 

We just roam around the Fort Santiago, we stayed there for quite some time. We took a lot of pictures there, that's our main purpose, by the way. That place is really good for photo ops, really. Just by being there and looking at some ruined structures, you can really tell that there are truly lots of misfortunes that happened there. 

Simply by sitting at one of the benches there, you can feel that you are in a paradise. It's so quiet and peaceful there. While we were sitting,  we  saw children playing around, we hear their laugh and their giggles and I can see how happy they were and made me also think of my happy childhood days. We also saw some vintage objects there which made me admire the place more, cause I really love vintage. 

After that, we went to Luneta Park. We went to different areas of the Park. I never imagined that I will be seeing that kind of places there. I never thought that Luneta Park was really that wide until I saw it. And by just walking around it, we discovered such different places and amazed by what we witnessed. The place was old that's why I understand how some areas there were not already perfectly fine and that huge kind of place is really very hard to maintain, that's why. 

We too went to Quirino Grand Stand. We just walk through the almost dried bermuda grass (???) We saw "Mamang Sorbetero," so we bought some ice cream. And we also saw sari-sari store along there, and we found out that the price there was not normal compared to the other sari-sari stores that we just see beside our places. I think the prices there was lot like more of the prices on one convenience store. But being too hungry, we didn't mind the price, we still bought some. After buying, we sat along one of the benches we saw, while we were there munching some chips, we also saw a number of kites flying high up in the air. I can ascertain how happy the kids were, together with their father, while they were flying their kites. The place was good for family bonding, but being there at noon time is really not a good idea. 

The happiest part of our trip was crossing the pedestrian lane between Quirino Grand Stand and Luneta Park. At least we have a reason to run without having to look like we were some sort of crazy. I just find that part very funny. 

And when we're about to leave, because it's almost 6 in the evening, fortunately there is a dancing fountain show. And I feel so lucky to witness it. I feel that I was on the beach during that time. I really like the ambiance. The music was overly loud and so uplifting. That made our trip more memorable. We agreed on going home at 7 o'clock, but we didn't notice the time is ticking and it's already past 7, because we really enjoyed the show that much. It really amazed me. 

(This photo was supposed have the dancing fountain as my background, but due to the "vibrating" camera of my Superfriend, it turned out that way. :) )

That was one of the best trips I've had, so far. And as I have said earlier, I'm still waiting for the time where I can really tell the best trip of my whole entire life. And I can't wait to share that with you. :)

This is my Superfriend (Sf). My tour guide for the trip as well as my photographer. 

***credits to: Pinterest and and to Sf for the photos***

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