Monday, 20 October 2014

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1: My Blog's Name

While searching for something on the Pinterest, I discovered a lot of these 30 day-whatever-challenges. And then I think of giving it a try to take one of those challenges. And having a blogpost account, and being a frustrated blogger, I have decided to take this 30-Day Blogging Challenge. And even though it is not yet and it's not already the first day of the month, I plan to start doing it today since I don't have anything to do or perhaps I have something more important matter to do, but me being too lazy  I chose not to do it anyway. I opted to do something where I will feel more comfortable and convenient of doing. That's why I'm doing this and I hope I will be able to finish this for 30 days without any absences. 

So my first day challenge is all about my blog's name. My blog is entitled 'Anything Goes.' So obviously, need I say more about the title? From the words itself, anything goes, so whatever it is that I have in my mind, anything that popped into my mind, anything under the     sun. As long as I am urged on to write. That's it. No further explanation is really needed. LOL

On the other hand, the name 'Superstar Virgo,' I got it from the name of a cruise ship. I saw it along one of Raymond Gutierrez's posts on his Instagram account, that was  the cruise ship they rode when they had their family vacation/cruise. Virgo was my zodiac sign, by the way. And then, when I saw that photo, I claimed it that, that ship was mine. Funny as it may seem, but yea, that was my first thought. Now you know.

And the web address which is, so obviously again, I don't need to explain it as well. 

So this is my first day challenge. And hopefully I will be able to complete this up to the 30th day. 

Have a good and blessed day ahead. 

***credits to: Pinterest and for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge***

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