Saturday, 6 September 2014


Since in just a few hours, I'm going to bid my last goodbye to being a 22-year-old lady and will be welcoming my 23rd,let me have first my farewell words. LOL. 

So here how it goes. 

Few days after I turned 22, I got a call for an interview. I thought that, that would be my birthday gift. That during that time, I thought God will answer my prayer. But I was wrong. It's still not my time to shine yet. Another rejection it is. But I take it as a redirection of God for me. It isn't for me,then. 

Then the days went by and I can already feel the spirit of Christmas. Last Christmas was different for us. Because we had our exchange gifts together with my family, which is unusual for us. It's our first time actually to do that. And thanks for the little kiddo named Elijah who suggested that. He's my godson, by the way. Though we're not complete, still we pushed through it just for fun. So we had our exchange gifts and during our Noche Buena, I really had a good time. That was the time that I laugh that hard since I graduated from college. Seriously. I laugh really hard that time because my Mom told us about Thea talking on the phone with one of our relatives, the way on how she speaks  sounds like she's narrating some sort of a serious occurrence that just happened. That's why I really can't help but laugh uncontrollably.

Then the year of the water snake was closed to its  ending and the year of the wooden horse was nearly fast approaching. So it's the time of the year that a lot of Feng Shui experts are really in demand. You can hear lots of predictions and I am really a believer of that. Especially if they are saying good things. And being in the year of the sheep, they said that this year is really best for us when it comes to love and money. And I'm still proving it up to this very point of time.

Then the year of the wooden horse came. And after a few months, I received again a text message  about another interview. Over and over again. I really did not expect messages like that, that time. That's why I was so shocked when I received it. So I went again to that interview and again, keep my hopes high. So the days went on and I haven't heard anything about that interview. And that was the time that I lost all my hopes and motivation. Disappointments and frustrations were there again. And as time passes by, I decided not to look for a job anymore and just wait what God will going to give me. And maybe then I just accepted the fact that maybe this is really my destiny. Because I'm really an impatient person, maybe God just wants me to learn something. He maybe wants to teach me the art of patience and waiting. 

On the other hand, to lighten the atmosphere, there are still some exciting happenings for me. This summer 2014 I had an outing with my friends at Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It was an overnight. I have a blog entry here about that summer escapade 2014. Just read it if you're interested. Okay? 

By the way, before that outing was the time where I didn't  want to wake up anymore from my deep sleep. Seriously. Those times where every time I woke up, I don't know what's going to happen and I just want to escape from here and didn't want to go back anymore. And before I went to sleep everynight, I only pray that things will be back to normal again. But I don't want to talk about that matter cause it's too personal. And I'm glad that everything is normal now and things fall into the proper place once again and I don't want that scenario in my life again, like never ever.

And there. For the past few months, I decided not to entertain stress anymore. I just want a contented life.   Life is just simple and I don't want to make it complicated anymore. I'm just going with the flow of life now. And living in the mantra that "if it's meant to be, it will be." No need to insist anything. 

In God's perfect timing I'm going to get what my heart truly desires. And if it never happens, still, I know that what He's going to give me is more than I am asking for. Because He is the best, and He knows what's best for me. But for now, I'm starting to learn how to live in the moment and not minding what's going to happen next. Because if I'm always focusing on the next day, maybe I'm going to miss all the good things that is right in front of me today. And I just want to share this quotation that I read on, which I really believed in. So here how it goes: "No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future." True enough, isn't it?

And I read this also somewhere on the net,on one of my friend's post on Facebook, "if you are waiting, you are in good hands." So, maybe, He's keeping me wait this long because He is preparing me for something BIG. More than I wanted, more that I expected. Maybe He wants me to appreciate every big and small things that are right here in front of me. And not to take things for granted.

So that's the end of my speech. I still have few hours of being 22, but I'm going to give my thank you anyway, for the memories and adventures that we had and I can't wait to say hello 23, I am so ready for you,for what's in store for us. Will you be one of my best years yet?

Gosh!!! I'm so old. Where in the world did the time go?

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